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Rose Quartz Yoni Egg (Love)


Your yoni is a powerful and sacred space. 

Yoni eggs are polished semi-precious gemstone eggs that are meant to be inserted into your "yoni" (vagina)! ❤️ 100% pure certified Rose Quartz crystal.  

also comes with a small guide on how to use your yoni egg when purchased. 

Yoni Egg Benefits: 

- Increased sexual energy

- Strengthened vaginal muscles

- A deeper connection to your body 

- Stronger Orgasms

- Activated feminine energy 

Rose Quartz: ⁣

Healing: cue “boo’d up” by Ella Mai ✨The stone of loveeee. This crystal really helps you open up the energy of love on all levels, from self-love to romance, Rose Quartz is here to clear emotional scars and calm the chaos that may be in your heart. Definitely the vibe you want to be on if you’re having trouble expressing your emotions.⁣✨

Chakra: HEART⁣




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